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  • Today I received your  CD,  Ocean Within. This CD is absolutely beautiful, maybe the best you have ever composed. I want to say:  congratulations and thank you for this musical treasure!!! With your music the world becomes a much better and a more peaceful place…  In deep Thankfulness  - Frank Spengler - Switzerland

  • When I imagine music in Heaven.... I imagine Yours. Truly beautiful ! Listening to your music helps erase the pain from Lupus. It soothes my spirit and body. I am in the advanced stage and I am still able to function without Rx pain drugs. There are not enough words to thank you. - Donna Jean Tompkins - Phoenix, Arizona

  • Better than Prozac ! - Suzanne - Healdsburg, CA

  • I have found so much healing and release in your music. It now plays 90%of the time. In my car, while at home, while I sleep, eat, and meditate. Thank You so much for all you have done, not just for me, but for everyone suffering. You are nothing short of amazing (as I lay here listening to Healing Touch  Beryl Kirschner - Jewelry Designer - West Fargo, ND

  • Devastatingly beautiful ! - Suntah - Cranial Sacral Therapist - Kehei, HI

  • I love your music better than Yani because you have more piano and less other stuff. 
            Jan Matsuoka - Honolulu, Hawaii

  • The CD, Healing Touch, is the most beautiful music that I ever bought. Our lives have been filled with tension ever since our 27 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. This music can bring a sense of peace to the family.  Monica McAlister

  • is as relaxing as you can get. Jane Floyd - Clinical Psychologist - Chicago, IL

  • This album, Ocean Within is heavenly beautiful. When I am listening it for the 1st time, I just fall in love with it. Now after 3rd time of listening I can feel the beauty of tranquility. It is easily relax my mind, body and soul. I think, I can feel the GOD by your music ! That is the beauty of your music. Many Many thanks for your music.
            Partha Biswas - Kolkata,West Bengal, India

  • It'slike floating on a cloud. - Jim Hibbard - Soldotana, Alaska

  • I do thirty five massages a week but while listening to your music it doesn't even feel like work. - Ross Dagley - Massage Therapist - Maui, HI

  • I was studying when I put your Healing Touch CD on to play. (I'm a full time student of oriental medicine as well as a massage therapist.) By the time I listened half way through "Rain of Light", I was crying. I guess it was helping me to get in touch with the pressures of the past months and years of intense academic and professional life. I do not cry easily. Thanks so much. Your work is terrific. I will be looking forward to ordering more soon.  Jim Perdue

  •  I first discovered your music on my honeymoon,in Maui, just by a chance hearing of one of your tracks at a shop we were visiting, which made me stop and say "who is that?"  I've listened to the first album a thousand times since then, and am approaching that on your second album, and never get tired of it. It is magical. I'm very happy that a third one now exists. Thank you for what you do. Steven Meeks - North Tustin, CA

  • I would just like to say that Nadama has made a change in my life .Rain of Light  from your Healing Touch CD is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. If only every one on earth would take a moment and quietly sit and listen to this song, perhaps we would all come to understand each other a little better. The song's connection to understanding and serenity is outstanding. Rick Nolan - Seattle, Washington

  • Several years when I visited Hawaii I had the great pleasure of meeting you and listening to samples of your music. I immediately purchased several copies of two different CD’s and gave them as Christmas gifts to family. Recently while visiting my mother your music was playing. The music is beautiful. When I’m troubled I play your music to provide a soothing meditative environment.  Never stop making your music. - Dan Poisson

  • Your Heart to Heart CD has been played in my truck for the last 2 years. I never get tired of it and enjoy it every time. Every note is in the right place and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Gary Saito - Aiea, Hawaii

  • Last year my husband and I were in Maui and we bought a couple of your albums and my husband insisted that one of them be Healing Touch.  Little did we know that this year I would be diagnosed and have surgery for ovarian cancer.  God always has a plan and every morning we pray and then listen to your album.  It has given us such peace and happiness that I wanted you to know the impact your music has for us.
            Thank you for being such an inspirational artist and I hope that many others have felt               the affect of your beautiful music. Mary Ann and Allen McAvoy

  • I heard Rain of Light from the Healing Touch CD by Nadama on my TV music station under "New Age" style music and instantly LOVED IT!!!  I wanted more!  So glad I am able to purchase the piano music of Nadama.  He plays wonderfully and soothingly!!  Thank You!  Sincerely, Barbara Ellis - Hot Springs Village, AR

  • I walked into a store and heard the most heavenly music and thought, 'there should be a law that dentists have to play this soothing music in their offices.' Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"- author and columnist

  •  I am a dental hygienist and I listened to Healing Touch  in our office - 7 hours a day, 5 days a week - for 12 years ! My patients only liked your CD - no matter what I introduced to them - they requested "please play the one I like when I'm sitting in this chair - it helps me relax and I love it". Aviva Engle - Dental Hygienist - Maui, Hawaii

  • I have always found your music to be relaxing and inspiring, especially while I was going through cancer surgeries and treatment this last year ... Thank you for aiding in my healing. Terri Hehn, Whidbey Island, WA

  • I first heard your album, Healing Touch, when a friend who was visiting Maui last year brought a copy which you autographed for her back here to Wisconsin. We have played it over and over, especially during quiet dinners at home. When I found your web site, I ordered two albums and then decided to order two more so that we could have more continuous enjoyment. Your music is indeed comforting and relaxing.
            I spent a year at Kaneohe Naval Air Station (now a Marine Air Base) in1945-46 and             have not returned to the islands since. I am now 87 years of age and unlikely to do             much traveling, but I will always have the memory and mental images of Oahu from                that time. "Healing Touch" rekindled many of them. Thank you for sharing your great             talent with the world. We have shared your music by playing it for others hoping that              they will become adoring fans as well. James Taylor - Onalaska WI

  • I have been healing for about 15 years and have never found music as suitable as your CD,ZenNotes. There is so much space within it. It is beautiful. - Zanne Findlay - UK

  • Nadama - your music is most beautiful ! It truly relaxes and and most importantly, I feel it's healing power. It resonates deep at a soul level ... our world needs inspiration. Thank you so much for your extraordinary gift of music... and thank you for being a steward of "world work".  - Paula Wilson - Interior Designer - Atlanta, Georgia

  • We bought a couple of your albums and my husband insisted that one of them be Healing Touch. Little did we know that this year I would have surgery for ovarian cancer. God always has a plan and every morning we pray and then listen to your album. It has given us such peace and happiness.  - Mary Ann and Allen McAvoy

  • Nadama - thank you for sharing your special gift, creating music from the heart. It does so much more. It touches the soul. - Ian Forbes

  • "Your music is one of the most profound music I have ever listened to. It is along side with greats like Leonard Cohen, Vangelis, Rod Mckuen, and others  who have also inspired me and helped make great changes in my simple life. As with these great peoples, your music has inspired me to be creative and to go deep inside myself and find that softness and creativeness from within ..... I would like to thank you for being someone who helped me find me. I am now 67 yrs old and it feels so refreshing to feel I have been inspired by great people who have helped me look and find my self along the way." - Claude Besner - Retired Law Enforcement - Yukon, Canada


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