Nadama  Music -  Music for your Heart & Soul
Nadama - Pianist / Composer / Recording Artist - Owner of private label, Nadama Music, Maui, Hawaii

Nadama has been writing, producing and performing music for relaxation, and healing in Maui, Hawaii for over 20 years.

As a popular artist in the New-age music genre, he has done recordings with New Earth Records, Malimba Records and under his own label, Nadama Music and InnerBliss Publishing.

In his productions, he combines his lifelong love of music with his extensive experience in massage, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques to create beautiful, heartfelt and healing relaxation music.

His piano CDs have been highly popular as easy listening instrumentals and praised among massage therapists and Spas throughout the world for their soothing relaxing effect.

His music creates a sense of beauty and inspiration along with an experience of healing an inner peace.

About his music he says, "I like to imagine my music as a space where people can connect with their hearts and disappear into the sounds - a space where the listener can relax into his being and experience his own love and inner silence."

To contact Nadama directly please send email to:

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