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Healing Touch  CD - Best Seller by Nadama / - Hawaii        Best Seller  - Healing Touch

Delicate piano melodies glide upon a soothing orchestration of harp, strings, flute and woodwinds conveying warmth and an expression of space and peace.

This has been very popular and the favorite CD of many. It was especially composed to enhance healing and induce relaxation.   Winner - Best Healing Album - Visionary Award     

                        Only -$13.98

Waves of Love
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                    EASE YOUR MIND
                                           FEEL YOUR HEART
                                                                                             SOOTH YOUR SOUL

Comments on Nadama Music !

"Your Waves of Love CD" is just stunning ! " - Melissa - New York

"Rain of Light  from your Healing Touch CD is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard !" - Rick Nolan, Seattle, WA

"If I could only choose one CD forever, I would choose Healing Touch." - Shaunene Gundry

"The most soothing music I ever bought" - Monica McAlister

"The CD relaxed my spiritual inner being." - Rich Longtin - Cancer Survivor - Hawaii

"The effect is calming and nurturing on all levels." - Yoga Journal

"The most beautiful music I ever heard !" - Bonnie Wood - Richmond Virginia

"Your music is beautiful - absolutely stunning ! - Brenda Swanney - Yoga Instructor - LA Fitness

"The CDs have a healing effect on both patients and staff." - Honolulu State Hospital

"Zen Notes is my first choice for any healing work that I do for any age group." - Sheila Rose

"I never buy music but I just had to have Healing Touch and Touch of Spirit."- Maui Customer

"This gentle music has the ability to calm and sooth your emotions." - Angel Scribe

"The world is more wonderful with Nadama Music." - Bob & Marlene Foster

"Better than Prozac !" - Maui customer

"I just love your music ! - Beverly Roe - Professor Biology - Erie Community College

"Nadama - you are my favorite artist of all time !" - Elmay  Goodrich - Monterey, CA

"The best sleeping pill."  - Harriet Nelson - Canada

"A harassing Monday turned into a rainbow." - Joan - Honolulu, HI.

"The prettiest music that I ever heard." - Karla de Araujo - Rio De Janerio, Brazil

"Nadama - your music is most beautiful! - It truly relaxes and most importantly. I feel its healing power. It resonates deep at a soul level.Thank you for being a steward of "world work." - Paula Wilson


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